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Welcome to Ah-Chi-Yo!
Moving into "Essential Well-Be-ing" for Individuals and Organizations

Ah-Chi-Yo, a unique blend of the ancient practices of yoga and tai chi joined with the best of modern wellness modalities, provides a practical, effective and easy way to diffuse the effects of stress and the accumulated tensions of everyday life in the 21st century.

Enhancing well-being for organizations, businesses and individuals, the founder of
Ah-Chi-Yo, Dr. Catherine Anthony, is dedicated to empowering people in moving from stress and a diminished state of functioning to genuine well being and an enhanced vitality of body, mind and spirit.

Today, stress — reaching epidemic proportions — is an insidious threat to the health and well-being of people throughout the world. Globally, stress impacts and affects the effectiveness and productivity of organizations, the bottom line of businesses as well as the interactions of families and an individual's ability to experience a full and satisfying life.

Ah-Chi-Yo is structured to not only address the physical and emotional toll of stress but to support people in actually moving beyond stress by accessing an organic and pleasurable level of vital wellness. Both simple and easy, with practice over time, Ah-Chi-Yo is designed to facilitate people in moving into a deep and dynamic state of well-being that allows for greater flow and an expanded level of functioning and performance both at work and at home.

Additionally, Ah-Chi-Yo supports genuine relaxation and quietude — the nourishment that is so necessary in a world inundated with electronic communications where the majority of people are over-stimulated, over-scheduled, over-committed and overwhelmed.

Ah-Chi-Yo opens the door of possibility of moving into and living from "Essential Well-BE-ing" — a dynamic, evolving and ever-changing state of alignment and attunement that fosters a quiet mind, a peaceful heart, a relaxed body and present moment awareness.

Ah-Chi-Yo is an offering of SpiritHeart, a U.S. based company providing body mind resources for integrated living. SpiritHeart is dedicated to the "Essential Well-BE-ing " of humanity. Please contact us if you have questions, or if you would like more information about how Ah-Chi-Yo can benefit your organization.